Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ready, Set Run!

Seven Shows. One Photo Shoot. Four Days. All of this took place between two cities. Run Boy Run spent Thurs- Sunday of last week driving back and forth from Phoenix to Tucson to perform at Country Thunder, Marana Bluegrass festival, the Rhythm Room  and a wedding, and we managed to stay in one piece! Whew!

Now, if you are curious as to how this was all managed, the following is a brief recounting of the weekend/ survival guide, which can also be applied to life in general. ;)

1.) Don't wear jeans and longer sleeves in the desert in mid-April.
You'd think this would be common sense to me after having spent most of my life in AZ, but I figured I would blend in with the Country Thunder crowd. Wrong.  You will sweat. You will smell. You will be the person with the most clothing on out of all 77,000 attendees! All joking aside, it was really special to play at this festival. I was pretty nervous, as RBR is not exactly country, so I was not sure how we would be received. Luckily one comment from the audience during our show put me pretty well at ease: "Oh,  Hell Yea! Don't change a thing!!!" 
We felt so lucky to have played on the same stage as so many other talented and well-known artists, and to have gotten an up-close look at the countrified scene of the industry.

2.) If you don't have time to grab coffee or take a nap, watch this:

Laughter is always an energy-booster for me. This video makes me smile every time. I really needed the boost right around the time we played a gorgeous wedding at El Chorro in Paradise Valley directly after our first set in Marana. I wanted nothing more than to hang around and catch up with all the Tucsonans who came to the festival, but a bit of time was made up the next day when returned for set #2.

3.) Relish the moment.
After jetting off to the Rhythm Room after the final set at Marana, I expected to wrap up the show and call it an early night. In all the hustle and bustle, I had forgotten that we were opening for Elephant Revival, which meant listening  to their set until the late hours of the night was most definitely in the cards. I was completely transfixed by their sound, and am completely convinced that listening to their music is a downright transcendent  experience. If that sounds too new-age for you, check it out for yourself!  You will not regret purchasing this cd, people! It's been cranked up in my car speakers ever since the show.
Really enjoyed meeting the folks in Elephant Revival, and looking forward to seeing them again at the Ogden Folk Fest in May.
Until next time,
                                          RBR at Country Thunder

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