Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kick-start Us!

A few weeks ago Run Boy Run road tripped to Globe, AZ to perform at the always bustling and beefy Gila County fair. This annual shindig hosts the All American Beef Cookout, where awards are handed out for the winners, and band members can sample the delectables on their break until they are too full to sing one more line of “Sleepy Eyed John”!

The living versions participate as well in the 4H livestock judging, not to mention the pig races, Ferris wheels, and craft stands galore! Run Boy Run had a great time playing and wandering (eating) their way around the festival.

Bekah and I (Jen) were also fortunate enough to see some of our old and very dear friends who reside in Globe, the Clines and Griffins! Always a delight to see friendly faces in the audience, especially ones with whom we share many happy memories!

While playing shows has kept us plenty busy, RBR has recently embarked on another adventure involving a fundraising campaign for the full length album we are scheduled to record in November and December.

We hope to raise some money through a website called, which allows artists to post their projects online and create a promotional video that articulates who they are, and their goals for the campaign they are launching. Donors to the projects receive various prizes determined by the artists according to what they choose to give.

An entire Saturday was designated for the creation of this promo video, and let me tell you, it was an absolute blast! A local videographer came over to the house and recorded us as we talked about the band, our vision for the new album, and dressed in silly costumes to throw in some laughs.

As it turns out, RBR could probably double as a theatre troupe, if we had not chosen music!

Each member’s creativity and improvisation skills came out full-throttle as we came up with funny short sketches to include at the beginning of the vid.

I for one thoroughly enjoyed seeing each person dress up and let loose for a cause we are very passionate about.

A huge thank you to the very talented (and patient) Joe Kreidel, who filmed and edited all of the footage for us.

You will have to check out the video to see just what I am talking about, but I will leave you with the mental image of Bekah in a pair of overalls and a banjo on her knee!

We intend to kickoff this kickstarter endeavor tomorrow night at the beautiful Harlow Gardens at 6 p.m. If you are in Tucson, please consider stopping by!

$25.00 buys you food, drink, and a whole evening of RBR. Need more incentive? New and original material will be prominently featured!

Hope to see you there,

Fun Band Fact:
We do lots of traveling back and forth from Tucson to Phoenix. Each time I forget something at Matt’s house (it happens rather frequently) I receive a ransom note in my email that always leaves me in stitches. Here is the latest.

I'vE fOuNd yOrE lITTle BiRdIEs.

SEnD 1 MiLLyoNe $$'s  tO FlyNN lAne oR tHeY Geyt tHe dEaTh bY LEmMoNNade!!!

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