Friday, May 25, 2012

Run Boy Run Goes Home

Tucson, AZ has a very special place in the hearts of many Run Boy Run members. While two of the runners still reside there (Jesse and Jen) Matt and Bekah attended the UofA and have many fond memories in the Old Pueblo.
Run Boy Run was born in this town, and while this year has been largely spent playing in Phoenix and Flagstaff, we got the opportunity to play two shows in the area the first few weekends in May.

It was our second time playing the Tucson Folk Festival as Run Boy Run, but the experiences could not have been more different. It was pouring Rain the first time we played. We did not have Grace. Our set was at three in the afternoon, and there were very few people in attendance.
This year however, Tucson delivered. Our show was at seven p.m. (One of the best time slots) and we played just as the sun was setting. Hoards of people turned out, and it was unimaginably wonderful to have loads of friends smiling up at us while we played. The crowd was so warm and engaged, and we received a standing ovation!
The following acts continued to wow the crowd, and we were fortunate enough to catch the sets of other local artists such as Nowhere man and Whisky Girl (my personal favorite).
We finished out the night talking over some pizza and beer at Zach’s while listening to our show broadcast live on the radio!
Thank you to Tucson for all your love and support. Here’s to many more shows for you in the future!

Our next stop was the community of Marana, which is just a short drive from Tucson. We played a lovely outdoor show for some bluegrass enthusiasts put on by SAACA (Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance).
We had the Pleasure of meeting another local band who played just before us called Drops in the River. What talented guys!
Speaking of talent, we opened for a band on Tuesday called The Mighty Sequoyah. Talk about haunting melodies and four part harmony! I felt like a rebel playing at a bar called The Rogue on a Tuesday night, but the venue had a cool atmosphere and amazing sound.
Good luck to the Mighty Sequoyah as they complete their West Coast Tour! Come back anytime!
We look forward to returning to the desert in August, but for now RBR is packing up and headed to Salida, Colorado for some Bluegrass on the Arkansas and… …Whitewater river rafting! While some runners could not be more excited, others are apprehensive about the fact that they will drive to Salida until three in the morning and conquer the river at 8 a.m. the following morning.
Blog soon to follow on the outcome.
Now to go pack!
Fun Band Fact: We recorded two new tracks at The Blue Door Studios in Phoenix just last weekend, which will be available for purchase online within the next month! Run Boy Run highly recommends this studio, as it was the best recording experience any of us has had to date. A perfect blend of professionalism and hospitality was demonstrated throughout the process.

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