Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Blog Site!

Hi Folks,
We're now posting content over at our Tumblr blog. To read about our latest activity and thoughts, head on over here:

Thanks for running with us!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ready, Set Run!

Seven Shows. One Photo Shoot. Four Days. All of this took place between two cities. Run Boy Run spent Thurs- Sunday of last week driving back and forth from Phoenix to Tucson to perform at Country Thunder, Marana Bluegrass festival, the Rhythm Room  and a wedding, and we managed to stay in one piece! Whew!

Now, if you are curious as to how this was all managed, the following is a brief recounting of the weekend/ survival guide, which can also be applied to life in general. ;)

1.) Don't wear jeans and longer sleeves in the desert in mid-April.
You'd think this would be common sense to me after having spent most of my life in AZ, but I figured I would blend in with the Country Thunder crowd. Wrong.  You will sweat. You will smell. You will be the person with the most clothing on out of all 77,000 attendees! All joking aside, it was really special to play at this festival. I was pretty nervous, as RBR is not exactly country, so I was not sure how we would be received. Luckily one comment from the audience during our show put me pretty well at ease: "Oh,  Hell Yea! Don't change a thing!!!" 
We felt so lucky to have played on the same stage as so many other talented and well-known artists, and to have gotten an up-close look at the countrified scene of the industry.

2.) If you don't have time to grab coffee or take a nap, watch this:

Laughter is always an energy-booster for me. This video makes me smile every time. I really needed the boost right around the time we played a gorgeous wedding at El Chorro in Paradise Valley directly after our first set in Marana. I wanted nothing more than to hang around and catch up with all the Tucsonans who came to the festival, but a bit of time was made up the next day when returned for set #2.

3.) Relish the moment.
After jetting off to the Rhythm Room after the final set at Marana, I expected to wrap up the show and call it an early night. In all the hustle and bustle, I had forgotten that we were opening for Elephant Revival, which meant listening  to their set until the late hours of the night was most definitely in the cards. I was completely transfixed by their sound, and am completely convinced that listening to their music is a downright transcendent  experience. If that sounds too new-age for you, check it out for yourself!  You will not regret purchasing this cd, people! It's been cranked up in my car speakers ever since the show.
Really enjoyed meeting the folks in Elephant Revival, and looking forward to seeing them again at the Ogden Folk Fest in May.
Until next time,
                                          RBR at Country Thunder

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Hour Has Finally Arrived!

Run Boy Run‛s first album has been out for exactly a week, and we could not be more thrilled. Twelve tracks of original and traditional songs plus one cover have been the focus of the group‛s attention over the past several months.

We are eternally grateful to those who helped make this project reality. Jim Brady from Jim Brady Recording Studios is just one name of many that is well worth mentioning. Huge thank you also to Amy Martell, Aubreigh Brunschwig, and Alex Parisi for their artistic contributions to the album art work. And also to you, dear fan/friend, if you contributed to the kickstarter campaign or have otherwise supported Run Boy Run.

The band spent the past weekend performing a short tour across Arizona. Those who turned out blew us away with their enthusiasm and generosity. We were thankful to play with the Silver Thread Trio at Plush and the Crescent ballroom, and with Nowhere Man and Whisky Girl at Plush. I was personally excited to see so many friends at all our shows, most especially at Plush in Tucson which is where I went to college and of course is the birthplace of Run Boy Run. The Crescent Ballroom was an equally special show on Friday night as the room was much more crowded than anticipated, and some friends from the stellar band, The Cosmic Goat helped us tremendously by handling the merch table. If you have not heard their stuff, check it out!

To conclude the release tour, Flagstaff Friends of Traditional Music hosted Run Boy Run at the Museum of Northern Arizona for a sold out show! I so enjoyed getting to mingle and talk with all of you wonderful Flagstaff folk, and reliving the memories of that very first performance at Pickin in the Pines festival in 2009.

This coming month of April will be a busy one for us, beginning with a benefit show on the sixth for the American Cancer Society at Phoenix Ale brewery, April seventh at Club Congress in Tucson and Country Thunder on April 11th!! Details about our shows can be found at

We are looking forward to playing and writing songs in the next few weeks, and we hope to continue seeing your faces out there.

Take care, and enjoy the album :)

Fun band fact: In just one week, you can look for us on the following sites: iTunes, Google Play, Rhapsody, eMusic, Spotify, xBox Live, Medianet, iHeart Radio

Friday, February 15, 2013

RBR on A Prairie Home Companion

You know, the idea of being on A Prairie Home Companion was completely surreal, even after we got that phone call confirming that we’d been invited to play on the show. Before that, we thought it as far-fetched as being invited to play on The Grand Ole Opry or landing a feature in Rolling Stone. It felt so “big-time,” I guess because it is. We had the opportunity to work with Garrison Keillor, a legend in the world of radio and entertainment; we had our own dressing room, time to get to know some of the best musicians in the biz; and we played, not only for an auditorium of 3,000 people in our home-state of Arizona, but for another 4 million listeners tuning in from all over the country. Talk about exposure.

Here’s one thing that we didn’t expect, and that shocked us as much as anything else: the pure warmth and acceptance we felt upon first stepping backstage into the world of APHC. As “big-time” as it is, we were struck by how friendly and down-to-earth the cast and crew was. From the beginning, we were made to feel welcome, and to feel as if we were valued members of the show.

Needless to say, when Garrison nonchalantly strolled into our dressing room shortly following the show, MacBook in hand, staring over his thick-rimmed glasses at the screen, pawing at the mouse pad, and asked us, “When can we schedule for you people to come back on?”, we were flabbergasted and thrilled. We had very suddenly come to inhabit this world that, just one week before, had seemed so inaccessible. It was hard to believe that that man, whose resonant hum-of-a-voice we’d listened to on radio since we were but wee tykes, took to us and, in fact, wanted more of us.

We couldn’t feel more privileged, grateful, and ecstatic to have become a part of something that we’ve loved from a distance for so many years. One month later and we’re preparing to make our way up north to the icy land of St. Paul, Minnesota for another appearance on APHC.
We’ll be playing on Saturday from 5–7 PM, CST (4–6 AZ time). Has it become any less surreal? No. I’m still pinching myself.

I’ll leave you with a few of our highlights from the show (inevitably, we will have many things to add to this list following our performance in St. Paul this Saturday). Enjoy, Bekah

Run Boy Run’s List of APHC Highlights

  • Grace’s initial phone call from Garrison, who was calling to inquire about a couple tunes he wanted to play with us. In a stupor, she thought for certain she’d been prank called, but, thankfully, played along.
  • Playing and visiting with members of The Guy’s All-Star Shoe Band and actors Sue Scott, Fred Newman, and Tim Russell Things we learned: One man (Fred Newman) makes all of those sounds! Aliens, horses, falling coconuts, you name it! Also, that Shoe Band is likely one of the most versatile and flexible bands out there—they are amazing to watch live.
  • Meeting fellow Arizona musician, Gail Steiger, and hearing the details of his life on an Arizona ranch through original music and poetry—incredibly moving.
  • Being a part of the Academy of English Majors parody with Garrison and the rest of the cast.
  • Watching Garrison tower over Jen as she announced that we’d be playing “Little Girl,” and then watching him stare at her from on high while replying in the way he does, “Oh…how appropriate.”
  • Garrison’s words of pity for “the poor orphan boy” in the band (that’s Jesse). His mom, Betty, cleared the air backstage: &#8220Don’t worry, Garrison. Jesse’s not a poor orphan. I’m his mother.” Garrison seemed happy to make the acquaintance.
  • Having our website crash as a result of all the traffic that night—a good and a bad thing at the same time! We were thankful for Jesse, our software engineer, who managed to get it back up and running before the night was over.
  • All of the great feedback. We’re all the more excited for the release of our new album So Sang the Whippoorwill, which will include several of the tunes we played on APHC. That’ll be hot and ready on March 19th.
  • Playing our original music for an audience of 4 million

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winter Newsletter

Run Boy Run Winter Update

The pumpkins are carved, the nights growing longer, and prickly pear fruits falling!
Time to share some RBR highlights from this crisp season

Fall Festivals and New Friends

September and October were chock full of memorable performances. RBR returned to the mainstage for our third straight year at the Pickin in the Pines festival in Flagstaff.   Performing at PIP feels like coming home, and we were especially honored this year to share the stage with the stellar Hot Rize, meet Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum, and make some new friends in the not-to-be-missed Foghorn String Band from Portland.

Other show highlights have been our second year at the Arizona State Fiddle Contest and Old Time Opry in Payson, Arizona (this year sharing the stage with The Special Consensus), an intimate evening concert at the beautiful Harlow gardens in Tucson, and a lively weekend performing in the Pumpkin Patch at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix (see picture above for a sample).

We have two more shows to round out the yearNovember 14th at the Crescent Ballroom, opening for the rising blues act The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, and a November 30th residency at Page High School. Our Page residency will be with string students during the day and performing a concert 7-9 PM at the Cultural Arts Building for the public at the Page High School. If you’re in northern Arizona, please us join November 30th in Page. 

Our new Recording Project

Run Boy Run has been actively preparing for our first full-length album recording.  With several intense weekend rehearsals in Phoenix and Tucson, we've been busy polishing arrangements, practicing with our friend Mr. Metronome, and fine-tuning individual parts. We are working hard now so we can be as efficient and relaxed as possible in front of the mics.   Now, that the hard work has been put in, hours logged,  it’s time to turn on that red light!

We'll be in the Jim Brady Recording Studios starting this coming weekend (November 10), and continuing into December. Our target release date is early February 2013.  Our engineer, Jim Brady, is an industry pro, having recorded the likes of Linda Ronstadt, EmmyLou Harris, Del McCoury, Neil Young, and Richard Thompson.  We’re so excited to be working with someone that knows acoustic music and vocal harmonies, is based in Tucson, and has such a beautiful large-room studio.

Kickstart Us

Our online CD fundraising campaign is live! As we mentioned in several of our shows, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to pre-fund our recording project and connect with our fans in a new way. You can see our promotional video and contribute online at:

We are two weeks into the campaign with two weeks to go. So far, we’ve reached 80% of our $5000 goal.  We need to reach our full goal in order to receive any of the pledges. So if you haven’t yet, please visit our page and consider contributing. We are so appreciative of all our supporters and patrons. Thanks for loving what we’re doing and supporting us during this exciting phase. 
Happy Winter everybody!
Matt, Jesse, Grace, Jen, and Bekah

What our fans are saying about the Kickstarter campaign

  1. October 30
    I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!! COME PLAY IN EUGENE, OREGON!!! Yes, all-caps was necessary for this important message. <3

  2. October 30
    Run Boy Run played beautifully at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden "Pumpkin Patch" on Sunday. Thank you for the "murder ballads" after the break. Lady Margaret is my personal favorite. Also proud to be a KickStarter backer of the Run Boy Run Album project.

  3. October 29
    I'm proud to be a backer for this Group of fine young talented Musicians! I was an original backer for The Beatles ... and that turned out well :) LOL Oh, and bye the way ... Paul and Ringo said they absolutely love your music and said to tell you all Hi!! :)

  4. October 27
    I'm waiting with great anticipation! Run Boy Run!

  5. October 23
    Congratulations on your KIckStarter and on having the courage to follow your dreams! I am so excited to see how far Run Boy Run will go!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kick-start Us!

A few weeks ago Run Boy Run road tripped to Globe, AZ to perform at the always bustling and beefy Gila County fair. This annual shindig hosts the All American Beef Cookout, where awards are handed out for the winners, and band members can sample the delectables on their break until they are too full to sing one more line of “Sleepy Eyed John”!

The living versions participate as well in the 4H livestock judging, not to mention the pig races, Ferris wheels, and craft stands galore! Run Boy Run had a great time playing and wandering (eating) their way around the festival.

Bekah and I (Jen) were also fortunate enough to see some of our old and very dear friends who reside in Globe, the Clines and Griffins! Always a delight to see friendly faces in the audience, especially ones with whom we share many happy memories!

While playing shows has kept us plenty busy, RBR has recently embarked on another adventure involving a fundraising campaign for the full length album we are scheduled to record in November and December.

We hope to raise some money through a website called, which allows artists to post their projects online and create a promotional video that articulates who they are, and their goals for the campaign they are launching. Donors to the projects receive various prizes determined by the artists according to what they choose to give.

An entire Saturday was designated for the creation of this promo video, and let me tell you, it was an absolute blast! A local videographer came over to the house and recorded us as we talked about the band, our vision for the new album, and dressed in silly costumes to throw in some laughs.

As it turns out, RBR could probably double as a theatre troupe, if we had not chosen music!

Each member’s creativity and improvisation skills came out full-throttle as we came up with funny short sketches to include at the beginning of the vid.

I for one thoroughly enjoyed seeing each person dress up and let loose for a cause we are very passionate about.

A huge thank you to the very talented (and patient) Joe Kreidel, who filmed and edited all of the footage for us.

You will have to check out the video to see just what I am talking about, but I will leave you with the mental image of Bekah in a pair of overalls and a banjo on her knee!

We intend to kickoff this kickstarter endeavor tomorrow night at the beautiful Harlow Gardens at 6 p.m. If you are in Tucson, please consider stopping by!

$25.00 buys you food, drink, and a whole evening of RBR. Need more incentive? New and original material will be prominently featured!

Hope to see you there,

Fun Band Fact:
We do lots of traveling back and forth from Tucson to Phoenix. Each time I forget something at Matt’s house (it happens rather frequently) I receive a ransom note in my email that always leaves me in stitches. Here is the latest.

I'vE fOuNd yOrE lITTle BiRdIEs.

SEnD 1 MiLLyoNe $$'s  tO FlyNN lAne oR tHeY Geyt tHe dEaTh bY LEmMoNNade!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Developing New Material

This has been a year of tremendous growth for Run Boy Run. The most fun part of this has been developing new material. As we prepare to go into the studio to record our first full-length album, we have spent a good bit of time on new material.

Let me take you through the process of developing a new song for Run Boy Run. The very first thing we need is the source material. We like to perform traditional, cover, and original material. The sources for cover material are pretty obvious. Traditional material is a bit more fun to find. The best way to get traditional material is to learn it from playing with others. Matt seems to always have another tune from a jam every time we get together. Other than jams, we get ideas from recordings we listen to – Spotify is a great tool here. Of course, thanks to the amazing work of Alan Lomax, we have access to awesome things like this video:

While traditional and cover material is great, my favorite thing to work on with the band is original material. We are blessed to have every member of the band writing new material and sharing it with the rest of us. Now, each of us has our own very distinct approach to songwriting, so I can’t speak to that much. The most interesting part happens when we bring it to the band.

When we bring any new song to the band – traditional, original, or cover – we start by sharing it with the rest of the group. Sometimes we share it in person, and sometimes we send around a quick and dirty recording of the song. We play through the new song together a couple of times to get familiar with the general progression, stopping to make sure we all have the changes and melody correct along the way. During this time, we do some individual experimentation. Once we’ve all gotten comfortable with the tune, we start to tear it apart and put it back together.

We try to abide by the above motto when we’re arranging. Every song gets some crazy ideas thrown at it; some are thrown away, some are kept in a more subtle fashion, and some are made even crazier. I find it fascinating to think back on some of our songs the way we play them when we first get them. At some point in all the experiments, we hit a moment where things just click. I think you can tell when we are about done because we all want to play it again, just because we like it so much.

There is one factor in all of our work putting together the tunes we play that I feel is more important than any other: trust. We trust each other, and we do what we can to make sure we honor that trust in one another. This trust allows us to take risks, to listen critically, and to speak freely. Because we trust each other, we can play with freedom, and produce something we can all be proud of. A creation is always precious to the creator, so being able to put your creation into the hands of people you trust is a magnificent thing.